Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sometimes, you just have to give thanks.

Good morning everyone!
 I'm going to start giving thanks to some important figures in my life that have helped me get through my week. Feel free to do the same!

1. Mom

Even though I don't live with my mom anymore, she's been absolutely amazing with lending me helpful advice this week. She's always looking out for my best interest and tries to see the situations I'm in through my eyes. She's a wise woman when it comes to love and sacrifice and I'm so grateful to have her just a phone call away.

2. Justin

He really is my anchor. He's my best friend, my lover-head, my over-all happiness. We bring out the best in each other and I'm so thankful that he's treated me like an absolute princess. This week we've laughed till we couldn't anymore, sang along to country songs, we opened up to each other and let out all our feelings, we made promises to each other about our relationship, set some goals/made some plans for the near future and ultimately, we grew stronger together. 
I confide in him with everything I have and I'm really thankful that he's a part of my life.

2. My Brother

I'm thankful for my brother because I've been feeling really sick for the past couple of days and he just brought me some chicken noodle soup :) He's the best brother in the world!

If you have someone that you're thankful for, let them know! It's never a bad thing when you express how much someone means to you. 

Have a wonderful day, friends!

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