Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a crafty post.

okay, so i was blog hopping around and i found this adorable little blog called Burlap&Buttons and i was instantly inspired. it was like the heavens opened up and a light was shining onto my laptop screen at these adorable easter eggs that i want to make this weekend. i love arts and crafts time so i'm either going to drag my moto into doing this with me or i'm dragging moto's sister into doing this with me. plus, it will be a cute gift to give moto's parents for easter and a cute centerpiece for my place, too! 

take a looksie and fall in love like i did :) i'll make sure to link up the tutorial on how to make them yourself.

adorable, right? learn how to make them here and be sure to follow Burlap&Buttons! i'm her newest follower and i'm already making a list of everything i want to try making on my own.

till next time,
Elle : )

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