Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm going for it...

I am highly addicted to the Kardashians... not only because they're hilarious and so free, but they have the most GORGEOUS hair I've ever seen! Ever since their reality show, 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' hit airwaves in 2007, I've been a religious follower. I've attempted (over and over again) to pull off their middle-part waves but it's been so hard! I usually just sway all my hair to one side and call it a night. So tonight, I'm going to attempt this middle-part hair-do and hopefully I get a good result. Because I already mastered the wave effect, I can help you in that department. If you want to attempt this look too, feel free! I'll post the steps and pictures down below.

It's shower time. Nobody wants to go out with a stinky person. I give myself around 3 hours to get ready because I have A LOT of hair. It's really thick and usually takes a ridiculous amount of time to blow dry. 
Make sure that when you blow dry you separate your hair into 4 parts. (Part your hair all the way down the middle then from ear to ear.) After... blow dry all of it. 

When you're done blow drying, get some wine. After you've had a sip, or a couple -I'm not judging, make sure you comb out your hair. Part your hair all the way down the middle, pick the first side you want to work with and put the other side in a bun. 

After you've done that, part the side your working with horizontally (maybe a half inch above your ear) and put the upper half in a bun. This will help you curl each piece perfectly. 

I use a Chi hair straightener but I'm sure any SKINNY straightener would work. 

For example,

Okay, pay close attention. 
You want your curls to flow away from your head. 
So for this reason, after your get your piece of hair in your hand make sure you know this...

If you started off with the left side, point the straightener AWAY from your face and turn it upwards.
If you started with the right side, point the straightener TOWARDS your face and turn it downwards.
Here's a short video that explains what I mean...
I don't start my curl at the root, I usually start it 1/3 down to avoid looking like Shirley Temple. 

I started with my left side. Once you twirl your hair once, just simply pull it down every couple seconds until you reach the tips. 

[REPEAT] this throughout your head. 

  1. Practice makes perfect! 
  2. Pick little sections to curl for the best results
  3. Allow yourself lots of time to get the hang of it, this takes me around an hour to curl all my hair. 
  4. These curls stay in for days! (I'm not recommending that you don't shower, but enjoy the fact that tomorrow morning, your curls will still be in tact!)


rock it, ladies! x0

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