Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello, Sunday!

So this weekend has been a semi-eventful one for me. I went to get pampered at my nail salon, I got my eyebrows waxed and did some shopping. This weekend was supposed to be special for me because my boyfriend was telling me that he was going to drive to see me. He was working in Kansas this weekend and on his way home he was going to stop by New Mexico and stay for a couple days but that didn't end up happening because of his job. Needless to say, I was incredibly bummed but I understood what had happened. 

My weekends usually begins on Thursday because that's my last day of class and work for the week. I decided to go shopping for a baby shower I was going to and picked out this outfit... I was really excited to buy it because for Bebe, a $37 romper is cheap. Plus, the floral print was so adorable. 

Floral romper from Bebe $37
Brown leather boots from Dillards $50
Juicy Couture charm bracelet $35
On Friday I stayed in my PJs all day, drank wine, and watched chick flicks. It was so relaxing and the definition of my "lazy days". White Zin was my best friend that night because of the way I was feeling after the bf couldn't make it over. Not to mention the chick flick only kicked me while I was down. Man, I should probably come  up with better things to do when I'm feeling gloomy now that I think about it...

Saturday was my cousins baby shower. Baby over-load caused baby fever for me. Every time I'm surrounded by baby-anything I want one so bad. My cousin got so many adorable baby girl gifts and we played some games. It was fun to hang out with the whole family. We're all so close and they're amazing to be around. I have a HUGE family and I love it. 

Moving on... after the baby shower celebration, we all headed to my cousin and he fiancé's house and had our 'girl time'. The boys came over too but they stayed in the man cave and didn't bother us :) They're so young (around 20) and they already have this beautiful little house for their growing family. I was in awe at how they decorated it and I pretty much melted when I saw the baby room (greys and pink compliment each other so well!). They're so adorable and I can't wait for baby Kailah to come into this world! We're all dying to meet this little beauty!

Later that night my brother and I headed to the casino to gamble money we didn't have. I am a loyal contributor to the penny slots, that's where I feel at home on the days I feel like gambling. My brother lost his money almost instantly playing poker... me, on the other hand...

won and won and won. I started at $20 and left with $95. Successful night for me :) My brother and I celebrated with victory french fries and called it a night. 

Today, I went to mass this morning and decided to be a home-body. I've been craving a beer really bad today so I'm going to meet up with my friends and head out to The Dirty Bourbon (a local cowboy bar) and have some drinks. 

I hope all of your weekends were great!

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