Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines on steroids!

Love is in the air... and cash is disappearing from your wallet!

My sister and I decided to go to Target to pick up some last minute goodies for my dad and brother for their Vday basket we're making them (Plus, I had to pick out a card for Justin). As we walked into the automatic doors... BAM! Valentines over-load! There were pink, red and white hearts everywhere. Multiple signs that reminded you of what not to forget...
"Don't forget the card!" 
"Don't forget the chocolates!" 
"Don't forget the balloons!"
People were circling the card isles like hungry vultures. Love songs filled the air thanks to the singing cards everyone kept opening and closing. I found an open spot in the crowd and was able to get a good look at some romantic cards to get Justin. I found one that caught my eye. For starters, it was a pretty big card... on the outside it said 
"You're the one I love..." 
and once you opened it... 

WA-LA! Pop-up :)
It was the cutest card I saw there. It even played a little melody. Needless to say, my heart melted. I grabbed it before anyone else tried to snatch it from me and headed to the candy isle. We were able to grab some little chocolates here and there and finished up our Valentines Day shopping with great success. 
On my way home I had to make a pit stop to pick up some "2 buck chuck" at Trader Joes. 
-if you haven't heard of this, I recommend you go now! Even if you don't have a Trader Joes in your town, assemble a road trip as soon as humanly possible! 
You can't say no to $2 White Zinfindel, I mean let's be serious here. 
Anyways, after I got home I poured myself a glass of wine and helped my dad make some dinner. My night was pretty quiet until we pulled out the Pictionary game. 

Now let me share something with you... my family doesn't play by the rules, we made up our own and find it really fun. These games usually last around an hour, but it's an hour full of laughter and good times. My brother and I are undefeated to this day. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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