Thursday, March 29, 2012

i'm awkward and awesome

awkward - 

-this picture of me.
-the fact that my pitbull just farted in her sleep and her butt is pretty much up against my leg.
-my dress blew up while i was leaving a store earlier today
-i ate a whole mess of random things and i'm still starving

awesome - 
-i made the spring/easter decor eggs that Burlap&Buttons inspired me to do!!
-i found a popsicle in my freezer that i didn't know was there - and ate it, and it was sooo good.
-my hair and make up turned out fabulous today, and that rarely ever happens!
-my best friend called me to tell me she was engaged!! i'm so beyond excited for this!
-my birthday is 11 days away
-i love the way my nail tech did my french tips aaaand i was able to get my promise ring cleaned at the jewelers :)

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  1. Hhahahaaa I've just proper giggled at your dog farting!

    Love those days where your hair and make up go perfectly. I wish they weren't so rare! x

    1. haha, my dog loves farting on me, it's her favorite thing to do besides sleep!

      i love those days too, im getting better at prepping myself for the day so maybe they won't be so rare, haha. thanks for reading :)!

  2. you are awesome! um yeah your ring is BEAUTIFUL i want it! im jelly! so so pretty!

    xx Kelly


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