Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hello Spring! BUH BYE Winter.

is that the sun i see peeping out? because if it is, i love you and want you to stay! 

i have been so miserable in the cold weather that albuquerque has to offer. i have been (not so) patiently waiting for this warm blanket of sunshine to come out and play! i must admit, i do have a love/hate relationship with the sun - in albuquerque, temperatures get up to the high 90s - but after spending the last few months in nothing but gloom and snow, the sun couldn't come fast enough!

every time i see pictures of spring time i make a mental list of everything i can't wait to do. for example, let me show you and let you in to how my brain works...

i want this dress. white looks so spring-y. i have to go shopping. maybe i should color my hair light brown?

another white dress. i have to go buy one. that brown bag is cute. i wonder if there are any meadows like this near my house. 

those pants! those shoes! that blazer! i can't wait to wear these colors again. teal is so beautiful. i should buy more teal clothes. she's so skinny. i have to go work out. buy a membership.

i have to tan. and work out again. that puppy is adorable. why am i not tan? no light brown hair, i'm keeping it black. i want to go to the beach, or the lake. i need water.

...and that's pretty much how my brain processes these spring pictures. i have a mental list of everything i have to do now and i'm a little crazy. plus, my wallet is bulimic so that doesn't help. 

what are on your spring to-do list?

till next time :)


  1. Your blog is just so dang cute! I'm stopping by from Mingle Monday. I would love to frolic in that meadow in a springy white dress. I'm so glad winter seems to be finally GONE! All of my spring to-do's involve getting outside!

  2. thank you :) i'm on a mission to find a meadow now! i must frolic in a white dress, haha! that sounds like a great start for a to-do list! thanks for stopping by :)


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