Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mommy knows best.

Hi there :)
I'm sorry I've been so MIA lately... my personal life has been in a whirlwind and I was having a rough time trying to deal with everything. It's not completely 100%... actually, I wouldn't even say it's 75% back to normal, but I'm taking baby steps every day :)

On to some awesome news, my mom and little sister are in town! I am BEYOND excited about this! I haven't seen them for 6 months... somewhere around there. Last night my mom and I sat on my bed and had a heart to heart about my love life. She's the only one I can always count on to give me amazing advice.

Let me fill you guys in:
I was in a long distance relationship with Justin for forever, it seemed that way anyway. Our love was strong, there was no hiding that, but the separation took a toll on our relationship. He made the decision that he wanted to move me out to Texas, to start our lives there and support me completely. It all sounded amazing, there wasn't anything I wanted more than to be with Justin on an everyday basis but I had a plan to move out there after I finished school. He supported me in that but he just wasn't a very patient person. We ended up breaking up a couple weeks ago. Even though we're not together, we're still in communication with each other and it's an every day thing.

Anyways, my mom had some pretty insightful things to say to me about what happened between Justin and I. I'm just so lucky that I have her here to give me unbiased advice and put things in a way I couldn't see them before. There's no doubt in my mind that Justin and I would make an amazing couple if we were with each other everyday, it's just that right now wasn't the time. God's will will be done :)

Bottom line: Mommy's know best & I finally realized that after 23 years of existence. I love her so much, can't wait to hang out with her and my little sister like old times :)

Until next time!


  1. Sorry to hear about you and Justin. Its always hard to leave someone.
    Its true that mom knows best. Me & my mom are now BEST friends and I cant handle a day of not talking to her. She keeps me in line.
    Moms really are the best!


  2. Hey there sweets! I changed my domain name a couple days ago & it seems as though all my readers need to re~follow my blog. Pretty bummed. If you have a minute, I would love if you re~follow me to stay in tune =)
    ~Angel @ www.thislifeissweet.com


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