Monday, March 21, 2011

Catch up day.

Yikes! I should really stop lagging on writing posts, I promise to find more time for you guys : )

What did you guys do this weekend? Anything fun planned? Or maybe even some unexpected surprises? My weekend was pretty quiet - for the most part.

Thursday was St. Patty's Day! Happy St. Patty's Day to all of you by the way, better late than never right? I went downtown with a girlfriend of mine and had a blast! We didn't drink green beer but it's okay, we managed without it! 

I have a green bracelet on.

Friday I decided to stay in for the night with the family. I wasn't in a 'going-out' mood. PJ's and a movie were all I needed to be happy. On Saturday, my friend woke me up at the crack of noon (I love my sleep) and invited me to go watch him ride. I'm really into motocross so I decided to wake up, get ready and head out to some local dunes. Lucky for him, I packed my camera and got some pretty cool pictures of him : )

For the sake of future posts having to do with him, let's call him Moto. Pretty fitting, right? He's one sarcastic, crazy, fun-to-be around guy. 

I was getting jealous of Moto riding around so I wanted to ride too. Keep in mind that I didn't have ANY gear on, I was wearing a black romper with my Vans. I put on my brothers helmet and jumped on the bike. 


I ended up riding on loose gravel. I went to turn around and pushed the throttle too hard and the bike went out from under me, causing me to fall off it. The wonderful peg on the side of the bike stabbed my leg a little and made me bleed. Never again. I learned my lesson completely and I won't ever jump on the dirtbike without proper gear on. Don't be mad at Moto, he wasn't there when I had the bright idea of jumping on the bike... he came back to my leg bleeding, haha. 

Sunday was homework day. I sat on my bed and caught up on all my homework I was assigned before Spring Break. So happy that's over with!

Today while I was at school I was surprisingly giddy. No bad case of the Mondays for me, I handled today with a smile! Mostly because of some simple things that put me in a good mood. 

1. Blue Machine Naked Juice 
and the cute little phrase it had on the back. 
I was definitely on the happy train today, choo-choo!

2. I wore my favorite belt!
I have a tremendous love for over sized buckles
and Michael Kors won over my heart with this belt

What simple pleasure can turn YOUR day around?!

Hope you all have a wonderful night : ) 
Until next time!

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  1. Oh your adorable! Love your style & the way you write! I'm your newest reader :) I recently burnt my calf on a hot pipe! Love me some bikes but that's what I get for wearing shorts & no riding boots! :)


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