Monday, June 18, 2012

I come and go as I please...

apparently i feel like i can just waltz in and out of your lives - to whoever actually reads my posts - and i'm sorry! i dont know who i think i am right now, but it will stop... hopefully.
i have so much to write about, i haven't been able to vent in so long! okay so i had to reread some posts to figure out where i'm at with yall. moto and i broke up, i started talking to this guy from irvine, ca. he was a nice guy, but we were too different. after him, i dated here and there... nothing serious, just having fun.. then BAM! he hit me like a ton of bricks - not literally - he was one of the most gorgeous guys my eyes have ever seen. looks are a huge factor, but they're not everything. this guy was chivalrous, he was romantic, he was suave, he was a cowboy - enough said. we went on a date, then another and another and another, back to back, day by day, we wanted to see more and more of each other. well, that was a month ago and i'm happy to report that we are still in our honey moon stage. i kid you not, every single day is better than the last. he asked me to be his girlfriend on our 3rd date and it's been heaven ever since. i was always the type to think people who got married after knowing each other a few weeks were crazy but now i know what love like that feels like. it's amazing. i'm on cloud 9. we both know that we're going to end up getting married to each other, it's inevitable. so with that said, meet Sean xo

till next time!

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