Sunday, April 15, 2012

red lips

okay, so first of all... i am the BIGGEST panzy when it comes to trying bold new things. red lips are the one thing i never though i'd be able to pull off in a million years. not only is it hard to maintain, but the color bleeds and because it's so bright and bold, it's easy for other people to see if you missed a spot or went outside of your lip line. so, before i attempted this, i youtube'd a couple "how to apply red lipstick" tutorials and i found this one that totally helped me. i went for a fire engine red because i figured, go big or go home. it's a little hard to get used to because it completely changes your look but it's fabulous!
i am a new red lip lover and i can't wait to go somewhere, anywhere, to put it on again :)

till next time,
smooches xo

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